Screen Repairs: Are All iPhone Parts Created Equal?


The Problem:  Un-needed confusion between OEM, and A grade parts


The unfortunate fact of the matter is, at some point, whether by divine intervention (If that’s your thing), or clumsiness, most people are going to break the screen on their mobile device. At which point you are left with a few things to consider…Is my phone worth repairing at all?  If I do get it repaired how do I know if the screen will be good quality?  Will the new screen look like the old screen, or will it make my thousand-dollar device look and feel like a hundred-dollar device?  These are all valid concerns to have when the time comes to get your phone, that oh so expensive investment, repaired. The mobile phone repair industry does not make it easy to answer some of these questions.  With so many different classifications, quality of screens, and jargony words to describe those screens, words like OEM, High Copy, AAA quality, AA quality, Original (the list goes on and on), its not an easy task for you, the end user to know if you are getting a quality repair you’ll be happy with.  Or a repair that will leave with a device that never responds the way it did before the screen was broken. 
That’s why we have taken all the hard work out of your decision.  We have spent the time to source only the best parts for all our repairs.  What that means for you is that, you get a quality repair done right using only AAA Grade replacement parts. Now you may be asking yourself, what makes a part high quality? And what the heck does AAA grade mean.  To clear up some of the confusion we will quickly break down the different grades of screens on the market.   Parts usually get broken down into 5 “Grades” or different qualities of parts.
OEM(Original Equipment manufacturer) .  These parts are manufactured by the company that sells the final product, or by a company that is subcontracted to make parts for the company that sells the final product. These grade of parts are restricted to only be used by the manufacturer and are not available for purchase by a third party unless it is authorized by the device manufacturer.  This is the screen that would originally come on your device.
AAA Grade, a part of this grade with be made up of some OEM parts and some aftermarket parts. For example, in the case of a AAA grade screen, it will have an OEM LCD, but the glass and touch screen will be remanufactured.  These types of screen offer a quality that is close or the same as an OEM part.
OEM part Recycling to Create AAA Grade Parts
AA Grade, screens will sometimes come with an OEM LCD, but often the cables that connect the LCD to the main part of the phone will be either refurbished or aftermarket. Causing them to not have the same image quality as an AAA Grade or OEM LCD that hasn’t been refurbished. 
A grade, screens will have both an aftermarket LCD and Touch screen.  Often the aftermarket LCD’s in these types of screen are high quality for an after-market screen and still offer acceptable image quality, however they will not compare the superior image quality, brightness and colour depth you would expect from an AAA grade or OEM screen.
B/C Grade, these categories are for any screen that does not meet the requirements of an “A grade” screen.  These will be the lowest quality screens you can purchase. They will be made up of all aftermarket components and often the aftermarket components in these displays will have small defects, leaving you with inferior image quality
As you can see not all screens are created equal. This is why iPhix has spent the time to source only the best AAA grade screens and other components to use in all of our repairs.   We want you to be confident that your repair will be done right the first time using only high-quality parts. iPhix stand behind all of their repairs, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our service, If there is ever any issues with ANY of our services we will fix it or your money back!